Founded in 2018 by Amelia O’Shaughnessy in Agoura Hills, California. Amelia started dancing at the age of 7 after her mom won a months worth of free Irish dance lessons in raffle basket at their church fundraiser. After the first month Amelia asked “mom why aren’t you taking me to dance class?”.  Amelia competed with the O’Connor School of Irish Dancing under the direction of Bella Yerina for over 15 years. During her competitive career Amelia competed at the regional, national and world level on numerous occasions. Soon after Amelia’s last competition she began assisting in classes at the O’Connor School while attending university and studying to pass her TCRG (Irish dance teaching license) exam. In 2018 Amelia officially received her TCRG and began the journey to begin the O’Shaughnessy Academy of Irish Dance